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Posted on: Sep 3, 2013

Better of Santa Clara Valley 2003

Shoes haven't looked so tempting as they do at Santana Row's Shoez. The store is lit like a bakery, With clogs in confectionery colors lining the shelves. But the most delicious wares here are the boots, Which light up the room like Salvador Dali paintings and seem just as useful. Hotpink, Blue, Red color, Thighhigh reason behind spiked heels, These boots are studies in the great. An italian man, designers showcased, That include Roberto Cavalli and Giuseppe Zanotti, Employ the gamut of resources, From feathers to leopard pelt to plastic flowers. Sell your truck, Get yourself a dvd boots and take the bus. (T. v)

Urban Outfitters supplies some balls, Reselling put on logoed thriftstore shirts for $28. Attach them. Gallery Anno Domini has a greater concept. Began a fashionforward culture to reward gallery visitors who couldn't afford a $2,000 principal watercolor: Silkscreened Tshirts created by the showcasing artist, Coming in at $20$25. The gallery stocks 31 shirts from 40 music artist(Some collaborate amongst Isabel Marant Sandales each other), Each limited by a run of 250. Conspirators since Dalek, Spazz, Shepard Fairey, Barron Storey, EMEK, Jake Choe, Fosik, KGBE, Simon Chow and Man One let loose with images that through intricate bombs to sashimistyle whales, All tweaked with the radical Anno Domini beauty. It's the artworld same as a concert shirt without the annoying tour dates. (TI)

Second hand stores, Yard sales and yard sales are a crap shoot. There is treasures, There is certainly, In fact, Bejeezers. That's what's cool Isabel Marant Sneakers in Blank Club's new rock roll rummage sale. Every second weekend of the Isabel Marant Heels month, 11am5pm, The club opens up for qualified area vendors dealing in used and vintage records, Compact discs, Reference school materials, Paper prints, Garment, Toys and more for the discerning rock roll shopper. DJs spin the soundtrack of generally, And the bar will be open for internet marketing marketplace. Make certain you bring enough scratch to take that hardtofind vinyl home and have a couple drinks. (SQ)

It's easy. While corporate mergers of announcements companies are a matter of concern, The engulfing of Rowe's Rare Records by its crosstown competitor Big Al's Record Barn was nothing the FCC want to look into. Mrs. Rowe, Widow of the founder, Sold-out, And Big Al Farleighwho'd been selling vintage disks for 30 yearsclosed his El Camino Real shop and moved the shebang right here. The new Big Al's is cleared up and orderly, With vertical shelving regarding Rowe's old horizontal sprawl of bins. The store is a treasure trove of several cocktail jazz to vintage Dino to crepuscular psychedelic. It is doing a brisk eBay trade, Most definitely with Europe and Asia. Yet the shop still welcomes the walkin trade for a public seeking the audio warmth of analog, The divine achieving of the vinyl and the needle. (RvB)

Carlos Diaz has a provide for DJs: If you got all your records scammed and have a gig that night, Despite your past your specialty, Knight Sounds can restock the crate with notes to rock the party. "This is sort of like our mission: Anyone who walks into the store will walk out with the requirements fulfilled, He saysand spinexperts like Steve owners, The author Espinoza, DJ journey and 2Fresh, Ability, Rugged Rock, Fantastic Chyld and DStyles agree. As a mobile DJ and on KSJS's beginning Radio Aztlan program, Diaz worked spark the late'80s/early'90s freestyle. That's why, His Knight Sounds talks fluent freestyle, HiNRG, New jack world of golf, Late'80s, Early'90s hiphop. A floor is waist high with vinyl crunched into milk crates, And the depth of choices on hand astounds. Who needs increases of 50 Cent's"In Da association" When you can finally blow people's minds with vintage 12inch copies of Jermaine Stewart's"We won't need to Take Our Clothes Off, Bobby Brown's "Every tiny slight Step" In addition to Connie's"Funky tiny Beat, Bring a subscriber base, A clear crate, A tablet of Claritin and get started in to digging. (TI)

Often, Savers will seem odd: Toys thrown in every location, Clothes upon floor, Screaming kids and male crossdressers sneaking in your women's dress aisle. But for sheer choice, The place is the proper thrift store around. With Goodwill trying to upscale itself these days, Savers is a refreshing probability to hunt out books, Stats, Cheap expensive charms, Old suitcase sets, Local shirts, Out of date computer parts, Tv sets, Musical instruments bad sport coats or whatever junk that you are looking for. As expected, Like every thrift store, The stock varies. Commonly, Nothing could possibly be; In addition, The gold mine. They even have special sale days on which my way through the store is half off. (GS)

A repository of hipster shelving for books and DVD racks, Alameda Archives stocks hardtofind independent guides, DVDs and art e-software. Blog bands like Chunklet, Readymade and Giant Robot share shelf difference with independent, Conspiracy, Foreign and written films. Coowner John Fenton was used to picking up his favorite magazines and videos in phoenix, And if he came to San Jose he noticed the dearth of Leather Tongue, Le Video or Naked Eyetype retail dealers. "We're basically trying use a bunch of stuff we saw was lacking in the South Bay, Alleges Fenton. Alameda Archives came at the best for the 24yearold, Who was sweating out jobs at dinning establishments and cafes while doing his own artwork, When he noticed the empty storefront and convinced his dad to take a risk. In the fall of of 2002, As soon as Archives first opened, They'd 400 video titles; Now a days, Decreasing than 1,500 highly focused picks. Eventually, Fenton and family foresee complete director libraries, A larger book inventory group and music. Best of all, Fenton wants Alameda Archives to stick around in the future: "Much of independent stores are flybynight. They pop up and go away before they might be part of a community, Utters Fenton. "We are trying be here, (TI)


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