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Posted on: Feb 4, 2014
last updated: 07-09-2020 02:03am

Fire and safety course is mandatory for any organisation, any organisation must have professional trained in the course. Certain organisations provide such professionals for recruitment. Safety officers are also required to prevent fire. The disaster of fire can occur at any time or place. There can be a variety of causes for fire, open flames, inflammable materials and electrical wiring can cause fire. All the workers should have training in fire and safety, they should be able to handle the situation as well as take the necessary precaution to prevent fire. Professional trained in fire and safety should educate and create awareness in fire and safety to all workers in various kinds of industries. Employers should take the initiative to train their workers as well as employees to prevent and abate fire. Training should be provided to rescue other human beings as well as co-workers from fire. fire and safety course trains individuals to take the adequate precautionary measure against fire. They will have the knowledge to save persons and materials from fire. The course provides insight to fire and the various precautions that will prevent the outbreak of fire. Designing emergency exits, installing fire extinguishers and creating awareness about fire and emergency are the part of the course.  The course is useful and essential for any industry especially if it deals with inflammable materials. Factories and industries that manufacture or promote match boxes, crackers, garments and cotton require safety officers trained in such fire and safety course.

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