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I would guess this designers of this software are still in the process of working out the bugs. There are still some flaws. The video upload form gives no errors if any 'required' field is left blank. I tried uploading 8 videos (of small size), and the form just refreshed without a word! There is no mention of size limitations. There is no area on a members main page of their videos? I could go on, but... And what is the code? Is the purchased product encoded?

I made a hefty purchase some years ago for similar software. It contacted the designers site every time anyone logged in to check the license!!! Their site went down for a few days, and so did mine!!! Along with several hundred other sites he sold the software to. I will not have that happen again! And all of the 'core' programs were encoded. He promised me he would give me the base code once his new version came out... I waited patiently for over a year. The new version came out, and despite several times asking, he never replied. Why should he, he got his money from me.

Rant/questions over. END OF LINE

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